Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My heart

I feel honestly blessed and thankful thus far. My internship company offered me an interview session for the audit associate position and despite my slightly heavy heart, I kindly turned them down. Just finished karang-ing my short essay to the HR colleague and sent the mail. At the same time, anticipating for my first job application interview (Hopefully the HR will still remember my existence after a long time lapse and call me in) *cross fingers. Heard how the interview would be like and its surely going to be competitive but I hope they'll keep me in view.

Needed a pair of office shoes badly. Shopped with mom, dad and eldest bro at Genting outlets. Ended up getting a pair of sports shoes from Sketchers instead. I also need one since my previous sports shoes sole came off but slightly regretting and thinking I should have gotten the office shoes first instead. My priorities, since I walk more often (daily) in office shoes rather than the sports shoes. Not cheap orh the shoes, my first month's salary. T.T I find the sole padding comfortable to wear though.

Feels like there are several things I need to get too but saving up is equally important. Mmms

It was my first time facing it. Its scary how you feel the ache when it comes to your chest. Told my brother and he said to go for a medical check-up when I can.

At the same time, gotta improve on juggling my time at work. Gotta be more efficient and less blur when it comes to audit assignments. Omo.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Little snippets of my life. Or is it?

It was after that day and today that I felt strongly what I want.

So please "give me a chance, give me chance", I pray.

Its Monday and I wore blue to work. Definitely felt a little blue all the way to office yet it turned out to be a pretty good day!

Had a farewell for my two colleagues at The Jungle City last Friday night. Lunch was treated by the managers that afternoon so we went for a 2nd round dinner for the night. That was when I knew there was Monopoly in cards version now dee. Wow, I have been so outdated on board games. I didn't understand how it works so I sat there, contributed my game "knowledge" abit here and there laa. and watched my colleagues play. Definitely exhausted on Friday as we reached home around 1am, followed by a 9.30am to 5.30pm p2 class on Saturday for me. I was super alert the first 2 hours. Subsequently, my head was just drooping and I went into "fishing" mode. Hahaha. I felt sleepy due to the day before and week at work.

I am also grateful at work thus far due to the friendly colleagues and mostly because, I can very much be myself here alike to what my usual self is outside the office. If I were to compare my present firm with my internship firm, the apparent difference is that there's less of a corporate image to keep up with at Pwtc area (which is to me, a very good thing). Hahaha. I felt this much when I was handling my client's audit at the same building with my internship firm at Klcc area. It was evident, the differences which I could realize. Even the air is different. Haha

Today, I started the conversation first and my deskmate was different. Something I could feel deep down that was different today, we could talk casually like friends do and did not give out the temperamental cold shoulder to each other that we have had occasionally. He also calls me by my "twin's" name, apparently I have a "twin" now at the firm. Zzz. Haha. I don't know what will happen tomorrow or the remaining days to come. However, I know that should I ever leave, I would always apologize to him for the first day because I was being unnecessarily cold and quiet to him that day. My awkwardness has caused me to act that way which I honestly felt apologetic later on. Strangely, I was friendly to everyone else except him. After that day, I promised to be a better colleague. But then, he carried on to treat me that way on certain occasions afterwards for some reasons (of which some I could guess and some, which I truly did not understand). I was okay with him not being ok with me if I did something that upset him but not okay when he did so simply based on someone else's reactions and I could tell intuitively, his baseless assumptions. But after today, I felt slightly better about this whole differences we are having. I really wish to clear these differences once and for all and 'Can't we be like normal deskmates?', is what I'm quietly asking for.

Can't wait to go Genting this weekend and no Saturday classes to attend. Phreee!!

Time to bath and head to bed. :))

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2nd week

This ongoing thing makes me feel uneasy, sad sometimes and stressed inside. The sinking feeling when that person is judging me ocassionally based off someone else's reactions and emotions while all along, I just want to know you better. I'll have to constantly remind myself to handle matters like a grown up when it comes to people and their hearts.

Anyway, the week at work was an eventful one. Completed my first stressful job after staying back at the office til 9.30pm on Tuesday for discussion with my accompanying senior and waking up early in the morning to get the working papers done. Wow, I was so glad to close the file til the expected queries are brought forward in future. Til then.

My second job was a breeze at my client's office. Its surprising that a colleague of mine will open up to me during our job together. It is a heartwarming feeling when someone willingly opens up to you.

Friday ended on a crazy note as the office held at a company dinner in the occasion of the partner's birthday. It was held at Elegant Inn in a 10-dishes Chinese cuisine style dinner. Dishes were yummy, the atmosphere was a mix of formality and casualness. Surrounded by pretty good company too. Overall, it was a well-organized and enjoyable dinner (minus the table list arrangement). We, the new staffs, definitely felt like the extras when we couldn't find a table with seats enough for 5 despite arriving early. Hahaha. Anyways, towards the end of the event, someone started this 'train line' thingy around the restaurant. As more and more people joined in the crowd, the line became longer and longer. While music was playing, we were following to the beat and singing out loud to the lyrics. It was definitely a cheesy yet a ber-bonding moment. :) There was an angpow giveaway session to us as well and woww!! I felt lucky. The amount I received was the biggest angpow I ever had in my life leh. Jaw dropped a while when my colleague pulled out the notes from his angpow. He and I received the same figure. To keep it a suspense, its a 3-digit figure. My other colleagues also received either a 2-digit or 3-digit figure. Of course the 2-digit one will jokingly fuss a little, like the girl colleague beside me. Hahaha! :)

2moro is a new week at work again and home. Its time to start recapping on my studies after attending the weekly P2 classes as well. Its only I haven't got the mood to do so yet. Hehee.

That's all for now. Ciao!  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hatyai, work & classes

Hatyai trip with my mom and relatives was all about food, shopping and temples. We went to a few night markets, checked out a shopping mall or two and visited the elephant ride park. There was this restaurant we dropped by for lunch which had a spectacular view of the city from the hilltop. Lovely place for food and ambiance. Food prices were reasonable too whereby we ordered several Thai dishes and in a round table environment.

When my uncle suggested if we would like to visit the elephant ride park, I was very keen to go there. Once we arrived at the park, there was the signboard displaying the prices of various rides and attractions. I was thinking 'How nice if I could try the elephant ride' but looking at the price and doing the mental calculation from thai baht to ringgit, sigh, about RM60 per ride. Ok la, I'll just watch out for the elephants instead. I approached the elephants enclosure lo. At the first sight of the few large elephants either standing in at a fix position or making their 'passenger' trips, I was pretty awed by the sight. Their sheer size alone and large pink ears. Its not that I haven't seen one before, it has just been a long time since I last went to the zoo. Lol. Anyways, mom helped to snap a few pictures for my cousin, me and herself and when we were done, I stood there for quite some time just simply observing the elephants, the saddle on their backs as well as the elephant riders. The longer I stood there, my awed feeling somehow subsided and I was thinking what if these elephants were carrying people against their own will. Having to support the weigh of the tourists that it carries for several trips a day, I suddenly felt no longer keen to ride an elephant now or in future. I guess as we grow up, our perspectives change.

We also stayed in the oldest hotel in Hatyai. Haha. The toilets were in poor conditions. More like, dilapidated so as for our stay, we always left the room lights on when we went to bed and also kept the toilet door half open even as we bathed. I felt a bit uneasy at times and my relatives all shared the same thoughts. Haha. But all in all, it also means we stayed at a historical place since it is the oldest hotel aight? Heritage site. Hahaha. Overall, it was a good short vacation. :) Tomyam in Hatyai was awesome too! :D

I've started working and classes as well. First week at work was a mixture of feelings. Thankful that the colleagues at work are friendly. They have been nice to me (I hope they'll always stay that way!) and I hope I'll get to know each and everyone better. I attended my first class for Acca P2 at Kasturi College yesterday as well. Signed up for it on Saturday itself and tried out the class. Not bad! It's only a stone's throw away from Petaling Street too so we had dinner there. :)

It's been so long since I last watched a compelling drama. I didn't do so during my break earlier so I wanna binge watch some nice shows and read on news during my free time.

Praying for the best and to anyone who reads this, have a good week! Hees :D

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Birthday and Feelings

It is a great time to blog while I'm still free and unoccupied. Hees

My birthday was a great one. A day earlier before 9th June, my mom and I went for the Shakura Skincare treatment as mentioned before. The beautician was a nice lady and her service was good. She would gently inform me before putting a cold mask on my face and so on. The only problem was that it was a 2 hours treatment and halfway through, I wanted to go to the toilet so badly. I could not feel relaxed then and I could not move a muscle on my face since at that point, I was halfway through some sort of cold paste-like treatment applied on my face. What I did? I prayed for time to tick faster la. I tahan-ed. By the time the whole treatment was over, I was so happy and rushed to the nearest Aeon toilet. When I returned to the centre, I didn't know that my mom went off separately to the restroom too shortly after me. I waited..waited.. So did my mom's beautician. After about 15 minutes or more, I didn't know why it took my mom so long so I texted her. When my mom finally returned, like I'd expected, my mom's beautician started promoting their products and packages. We were in a rush as I had a dinner appointment with my friends later on. My mom and I decided to inform her that we'll think about it. After all, truthfully, we couldn't afford the treatment packages. It was expensive and on a long term basis. But the faces of the beauticians when they knew it was no, honestly, I started feeling a lil' sad deep down. Before we left, they gave us free Shakura product samples. My mom then took out a plastic and inside it was some wrapped items in newspaper. You could guess. Mugs/Cups. I asked my mom what are those for? My mom said she bought it for the two beauticians whom treated us since their service was so good la. At that moment, my heart felt a lil' warmth by mom's kind thoughts. That explains why she took so long to 'go to the toilet'. I passed to them those mugs and said it was from my mom besides thanking them for their good service. Initially, they declined. Instead, my beautician asked me to come back again. We convinced them to accept the small little gift. As we rush to leave Aeon, in the car, I was thinking about how I always thought free items are awesome. See, I felt the guilt then that free items, are they awesome? Not always true. I wondered how these beauticians were paid. If receiving free items and not securing any 'business' after that meant robbing off their livelihood / pays. I felt bad for them. Either way, it was a good first-time experience receiving these treatment. I also felt happier when I thought about my mom having given them something as a form of appreciation for their service. Mom's the best!

Okay, then, I rushed home to take a quick bath and left for dinner. Lee Mee, Ee Vern, Wan Siang and I had planned for a casual outing that night. Dinner and movie later afterwards. I was going to be a bit late due to the traffic jam so I texted Vern and called Lee Mee. When I reached there, surprisingly, Vern, Lee Mee and another friend showed up, Suet Leng. I thought she was not free to go out with us. After sitting awhile and the table was being set up, I drank the soup served at Daorae. Their soup is Yummy! by the way. Hehe. While in the midst of busy savouring the tasty soup, I felt all my friends either turning around or looking in a particular direction so I did the same la. Kepoh ma. Suddenly, I saw Kitkat and Wan Siang approaching me with a lit-ted candle on a cake. Aww. I was a bit stunned at that time (Kitkat, what are you doing here? was the thought in my head. She's from Malacca by the way). I was shocked til I was covering my face and bursting into heaps of laughter la. Suet Leng recorded the video of my surprised face and the next few reactions. All of them laughed when re-playing the video. Anyways, it was a surprise which I did not see it coming! After a filling dinner, we went to watch Baywatch. It had a lot of 18+ jokes/ moments la but overall, it was still quite nice and funny! That night, Kitkat and Vern stayed over at my house before I drop Kitkat off at the train station the next morning la. (Ohh, I found out that she actually had some things to settle at Kampar the next day too and all my friends had secretly worked out this plan to suit us all). Felt touched definitely.

The celebration did not stop there. Hees. Okay. It did, for a while. During the noon, I slept the entire time like a piggy. Old dee. In the evening, my parents took me out for dinner as a birthday treat. They asked me where I wanted to go, I thought why not go to where they want to go so yes, my cousin's lok lok shop. Paloh Lok Lok, so we had lok lok there and chit chatted with my uncle and cousin's family. Mmm. Felt thankful indeed.

Chatted on the phone with Elaine the next day as well. It has been ages since I catch up with her using the house phone (I think the last was in Form 6. hehee) so we chatted la since she was back in Ipoh. That evening pulak, I went out with Mae Jean to accompany her for dinner at McD. I had my supper and we continued to chit chat even more. That's why, my mouth that day moved non-stop. I felt I talked a lot with those two la. Hahaha. It was a happy day to catch up with these two peeps. :D I felt happy to have been able to catch up with my other friends on whatsapp, etc. those few days too. :))

Other than that, I have been lounging at home these past few days except Thursday where mom and I went out for the day. We went to Greentown, Parkson (a quick shopping for some clothes) and then off for lunch with my mom's girlfriends. Haha. I enjoy being with these aunties. They always have so much to say, agreeable sentiments and it's interesting sometimes to just sit there; listening to them talk even if I was not actually talking (which was not always the case. I was talking with them too). It isn't even a bore because one aunty always asked me 'Girl, you not bored ah hanging out with us?' She always thinks that their topics would bore me out. In fact, it was nice and fun to be with them. Hehees :D

Now for a much deeper thought, do you ever feel sad just looking at your parents? I did. After receiving a call for an interview on Wednesday, it suddenly occurred to me that yup, one month plus has passed in such a daze and I can't say that I enjoy being at home doing nothing sometimes too. At the same time, it made me aware of the time I had at home and I know one day I'll be leaving these two 'lovelies' at home. Hehehe. I can't help but worry and feel concern for them. Will they be alright? Will they be bored with the 3 of us siblings not around? These thoughts made me feel a sinking feeling when I think like that so I always pray and hope that they'll be alright, happy and healthy. I have not got the confirmation on the details of the interview so I've not informed them either. It feels sad to think that I'm / I'll be leaving home more permanently this time.

As for the rest, starting to feel lazy to connect my thoughts in connecting sentences now. Let it be disjointed if it comes to that. Heh. I watched The Mummy with my parents the other day. Ohnoo. They spoilt the fun-filled, funny and adventurous series into a dark, kinda scary-ish latest sequel. The first 30 minutes was pretty exciting for me and after a certain aeroplane scene, it went downhill from there laa. The plot became illogical and why, the creepy feel throughout the show. Another thing is with the latest movie trailers that has been coming out lately, why is it that the movies nowadays aren't stuck to one theme? Why would a director mix sci-fi with horror? Family and thriller? Its becoming a bit off as it leaves the movie with no clear set of direction for the film. Aiseh

Lastly, when I read the news about Nhaveen, I could not help but feel sympathy for him and his mother. What he has gone through. I read the first article during the midnight itself. I wasn't sure if it was the lack of sleep (the past few days of late nights up) or the article, which brought me to tears. I didn't cry but I felt tears in my eyes as I read the words brain-dead, burn marks and sodomized. The last news article that really affected me was one that read the custody battles over the children of the two mothers and their different faith/ religion husbands. That was a pretty long time ago. Heh. I remember one kdrama used to say news have two key aspects. Impact and facts. This must have been more of the impact side for me la.

I want to bake too. Everytime I look at pictures and recipes on the internet, I have the inspiration to bake and all. Yet, I do not have the proper tools, especially an oven. T.T I should learn to cook too. I don't even know how to cook a proper chicken.

Okay. I wrote so long in this post. It's meant to be kept as my diary so, if you sit through everything, that's amazing. I should prevent myself from nearing the keypads for now. So cheong hei. Hehehaa. Have a good weekend to everybody! :)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I had an enjoyable time with Ann Gie and Ee Vern today. We went out in the noon for yumcha at Purple Moon Lover cafe in Ipoh and I must say, the cakes, bread and pastries there all look really inviting. They serve Japanese food too and the place goes into my good books. A pleasant environment, pretty spacious and emm, air-conditioned?? Hehe. Unfortunately, the two mini cakes we tried didn't taste as good as it looks. Still, the appearance definitely makes up for the satisfaction as a whole. I don't mind going back again to try their other food next time. Maybe I should bring my mom along. :)

Tomorrow would be Round 2 and Friday Round 3. Yesh! Two weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook homepage and some skincare product advertisement appeared on my laptop screen. It was celebrating its success as the most preferred choice of skincare among customers in Klang Valley area. I found out that they had a branch in Ipoh, Aeon Station 18 and the first 200 entries of new customers would be lucky winners to their treatment. So you know, how the word 'FREE' does wonders in our mind. So, Wala, register. Besides, I was testing to see if it was really genuine or not and if so, can I be that lucky. Hahah. Yup, so I received a call by Shakura twice. One for the appointment date, the other earlier today for a confirmation for tomorrow's session. The lady spoke in Cantonese and hah, I tried my best to answer her too. Thus, my mom and I will be entitled to a free facial, eye and neck treatment. Let's hope its nice. :) Ohh, I was the one who secretly registered for my mom and guess who was speaking on the phone as the mom? ME. HAHA. Thankfully, I had the thought to search the brand, stumbling upon the services/product reviews and found out that some branches may hard sell their product / packages. I guess free things do come with a catch! I googled and am glad I did that to 'prepare' myself and see how it goes. Plus, I don't actually buy skincare stuff or go for any skincare treatments so its my first try. hehehh

To deny the fact that I don't feel a little bit pressured to get a job is definitely not the truth. I guess applications are not easy and I'm now one of those graduates 'struggling' in the process. Praying for the best!

I'm going to ramble a bit more. About music. Specifically, a song that my friend liked and still likes I presume. Its called Issues by Julia *idk who. Haha. I never understood why the song was so nice for her. She was smiling as she told me its a relationship song. Besides the quite catchy tune, I could not relate. That was a quite a long time ago. Then yesterday, I came across Ashley Tisdale's cover with her husband, and ohh, that's when I started listening to the lyrics more closely as she sang line by line. I remembered my friend's conversation and pondered about the things she said about her boyfriend, or rather their relationship. It made me realized why the song was meaningful to her. I understood the lyrics better. In a viewpoint of a relationship, trust issues may occur. One may tend to overreact, be protective of the other and feel jealous and what not, and that's only because they are afraid to lose them. In the end, they still love each other selflessly for who they are, that's how I interpreted it. Especially when the lyrics was 'I can love you just like that', it suggests that there's no particular reason to love someone. Waa. Suddenly, I was a bit taken aback by the meaning. Although I don't know how a relationship works and opine that it should not be that way (I'd only find out la if i end up in one. hah), and also I think some relationships are like that but not all. The point is the song finally made sense to me. At least, the writer of the song must have touched the hearts of those who feel similarly like that (like my friend for instance. Haha).

I also watched the One Love Manchester concert by several artistes. The crowd was a good one indeed! Rather supportive and the best kind of feels when the crowd chimes in together and sings along at the right pitch. Occasionally, someone would break down in tears among the crowd and it is understandable. Some time ago, I saw comments that Justin Bieber lip-sync in a concert. Then I saw him performed in the Manchester one. Actually I thought he was not bad and it was definitely not lip-syncing.

Okies. Time to stop talking endless nonsense and sleep. Huu

Nights people

Monday, May 29, 2017

Another update

Results are out. I graduated. Yayy!

Heading down to KL this Thursday, up to Genting on Friday and back to Ipoh next Monday. Can't wait. hees :))

I think I have to say byebye to the YLA final round of interview. The first round of applications was easy so I thought why not give it a try? As I recall, I submitted my application right a day before the closing date prior to my finals. Heh, I should have been studying right? I know. Haha. Now, I feel a tad bit stuck between the two. A part of me says I want to make it, a part of me says its okay laa, don't need to. The reason is because it falls on this Saturday and I've always wanted to join a programme beyond my university boundaries, an outside organizer. At the same time, it clashes with my Genting trip and it would bring inconvenience (not to me but my family) to make it for the interview. Guess I'll not be going then, very likely. :/

Hoping also to get a decent job at an audit firm and planning to pursue my ACCA. I just want to get a firm that I'm happy to work for. Please make it happen!

Aside from the little voice in my head wishing to get a good job (and maybe researching further on ACCA classes), there's nothing much else to worry for now. I can hear my lecturer saying now, define good! Haha. It means to me in a personal perspective. In the meantime, I want to enjoy being at home and with my parents. So tadada

Going to eat zhong zi later for lunch. Yums